Page 1 - Hurst FY20 Approved Budget
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                                                                                    Tarrant County Clerk's Office
                                                                                    Mary Louise Nicholson, County Clerk
                                                                                    2021-09-27     9:36:08 AM

                                                       City of Hurst

                                   Annual Budget Plan and Municipal Services
                                                 Fiscal Year 2019-2020

                Section 102.007, of the Local Government Code, requires that the

                following notice be posted with the City's Approved Budget:

                This budget will raise more total property taxes than last year's budget
                by an amount of $2,051,709, which is a 12.10 percent increase from last
                year's budget. The property tax revenue to be raised from new property

                added to the tax roll this year is $54,373.

                                                Record Vote of each Councilmember
                         Name                    Place                   For          Against Abstain Absent
                Henry Wilson            Mayor                                Votes in case of a tie
                Larry Kitchens          Place 2/Mayor Pro Tem             X
                David Booe              Place 1                           X
                Cathy Thompson          Place 4                           X
                Bill McLendon           Place 5                           X
                Jon McKenzie            Place 6                           X
                Cindy Shepard           Place 7                           X

                        Tax Rate          Adopted FY 2018/2019   Adopted FY 2019/2020
                Property Tax Rate             $0.58/$100            $0.597299/$100
                Effective Tax Rate          $0.552995/$100          $0.544839/$100
                Effective M&O Tax Rate      $0.471551/$100          $0.478236/$100
                Rollback Tax Rate           $0.586350/$100          $0.597299/$100
                Debt Rate                   $0.108449/$100          $0.119063/$100

                The total amount of municipal debt obligations secured by property taxes for the City of Hurst is  79.2 million. Of
                that amount 50 million is directly secured by and payable from I&S property tax revenue and 29.20 million is
                secured by property taxes but payable from other revenue sources.
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